We will process from the Church to altars along Guasti Road with Our Eucharistic Lord, singing various songs between altars.

When we gloriously process with our Lord, especially outdoors, we love to praise and adore our beloved Eucharistic Lord, as David danced with abandon before the ark of the Lord. So we, with many people, in varied costumes and singing jubilantly, wish to express our love for our Lord, to pour forth with songs and prayers expressions of adoration to our Lord. We want to profess our belief in our Lordís great love and care for us by being with us Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, whole and entire.

But we also want to reveal to our local world how much God loves them that He wants them to come to Him in the greatest way God has planned to do so. He wants to love them so much more than they realize, and desires to help them love God and their neighbor more.